Dear Egyptian Friend,

I’m not a particular big fan of televised revolutions. Because I know there is a big difference between what one can see on his TV screen back home, lying on the sofa and the real deal happening outhere in the street…

We both know that Mr Mubarak will go, his three decades of political deeds will come to an end this year. But you will not wait for this to happen in a smooth and coordinated way, am I right? Till September, time will be unbearable long.

You would like to taste a full victory – not only because your ego demands it after a week or so of  street shouting -, but because you are afraid Mr President could take his promise back! A witch hunt could then start and one by one, all the opponents of the dictatorial regime would be eliminated.

I’ve heard Your Leader on TV last night. I heard him adressing the “real egyptians” to express themselves, to stand foreward and put an end to the chaos. Today, we saw the effects of his call: angry camel and horse riders came to whip you and break your will to continue.

I’ve also seen the lack of police – and it’s not too hard to imagine that things have to develop in a wrong direction first, so somebody  would appear as saviour, later in the night!

Probably you think that Mr Moubarak will face trial very soon, this is the normal scenario. Particulary, if it’s written in his destiny :-)!

… And you also say economy is not as important as liberty and democracy. You know what? Basically, you are right! … Still, wait and see the results of Your first free elections – then, we will speak again! As someone cleverly put it in words: THE SPHINX WILL STILL BE THERE TO STARE!

Staring Sphinx