The Smile

I was just a little line

feeling happy all the time

feeling fine, feeling fine,

the world was mine

in a perfect balance all the time.

Lately – I was getting boared

so I scored, Yes, I scored!

Tumbled, scrumbled and transformed

in a circle … that I owned …

And I played with my new friend

till the end, till the end

Just to see if he will bend

in right angles

like I ment.

Look’a’here – he did not like

and he started up a fight

Almost tearing me apart

So I thought I better start

Spearing him into his heart!

Suddenly – I heard the beat

and a transformation heat

And I split myself again

Sticking plasters on his pain.

In the end what we obtained

was a smile that we both gained . . .


Pe scurt, este vorba despre o linie care e si cerc, dar nu se multumeste cu atat, vrea sa fie si patrat, si daca s-ar putea – sa aibe toate drepturile care rezulta din unirea a doua puncte!

Probabil ca zilele acestea, copiii Angliei isi vor da seama ca vor deveni candva parinti, si se vor ingriji sa iasa cu un zambet din situatia nefireasca pentru o tara in care pana si fotbalistii dau exemple de buna purtare.

Apropo de fotbalisti, daca Hooligans au fost exilati de pe stadioane – asta nu inseamna ca au disparut complet, nu?!